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 +====== Reverse Tunnel with SSH ======
 +Here I'll describe how to establish a tunnel to gain access to a client behind a firewall or NAT router.
 +The following command is run on the client. It will establish a listening socket on port 22222:
 +  #ssh -R 22222:​localhost:​22
 +Now connect to with ssh from you workstation:​
 +  #ssh
 +Then from the new ssh terminal, connect through the client tunnel:
 +  #ssh root@localhost -p 22222
 +Viola. You will now have root access to the client.\\ ​
 +For windows clients this ssh server might be usefull, not tested though: [[http://​|Free SSHd]]
 +For security if this should be used over GPRS lines:
 +  - The server **could** be There might be some benefits by doing this: Local files and browser interface with terminal.
 +  - The '​client'​ user should be added to the server, with no rights and unattended certificate login. It should only allow for the callback socket.
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